Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Tonight is kinda special."

You may remember the entry title from a commercial for Michelob beer. It was also a catchphrase of mine in college, not because I drank Michelob, but because I helped found Hofstra's student literary magazine, Font. All of us on staff knew how special it was. We wanted the magazine to last well beyond four years, and it has, as have our friendships.

This brings me to yesterday's Do Some Damage post by Scott D. Parker. Having read my ebook Stones this past week, Scott writes, "So's C. J. Stone stories are so evocative of the 1930s that it led me to a question: do you think the adventurers of the 1930s knew they were living in a seemingly special time?"

I commented:

Thanks for the compliment on Stones, Scott. I wasn't around in the 30s (another illusion shattered forever), but I think anyone who gets to be part of something new (starting a new publication, flying a new airplane or space shuttle) knows how special it is. At the same time, C.J. isn't a larger-than-life hero in my mind or his own. He does what he has to do to get by, as people of any time might.

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