Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Writer's Highest Calling

Today on Do Some Damage, Joelle Charbonneau blogs about a family friend's death, concluding:

[T]omorrow I will start writing again because it is what I do—what I have to do—what he was so proud of me for. And while the holidays will take time away from the work we all want to do, I cannot stress enough that we should all give life permission to intrude. Our families, our friends and the memories we make every day are the reasons we all can do what we do.

I commented:

My condolences, Joelle.
I believe a writer's highest calling is to put into words an audience's deepest shared experiences, those most difficult to express. If writers don't indeed share in some of these experiences, they can't begin to write about them. Their writing becomes less vibrant, more routine.

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