Monday, May 26, 2014

Would you stop buying a favorite author's books?

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Today on Do Some Damage, Kristi Belcamino shares stories of signings gone wrong and right, asking, "Would you stop buying a favorite author’s books if they were not as 'personable' as you would have hoped?"

I commented that I'm pretty good at separating author from work. If I really liked an author's writing, I'd still buy the book AND hold a poor opinion of the author's manner. By the same token, if the author was an engaging personality but I didn't enjoy his or her writing, I wouldn't buy the book.

This said, I think it is important to present oneself positively to others. I don't see how it could hurt. Personally, I find it easy because, writing being a solitary activity, I welcome the chance to interact with people. If they want to complain to me about my work, I just smile and shrug. Whaddya gonna do? :)

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