Monday, October 20, 2014

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries: Wedding Planner Mystery

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I found out about Wedding Planner Mystery from my cable channel guide about three weeks before last night's premiere. Based on Deborah Donnellly's 2002 debut mystery Veiled Threats, it stars Erica Durance as wedding planner/amateur sleuth Carnegie Kinkaid.

Along with Durance, who I enjoyed as Smallville's Lois Lane, the movie features a script by JAG and NCIS writer Darcy Meyers. Durance plays perkiness and quirkiness naturally and has the physicality to tackle tougher predicaments. Likewise, Meyers' script pulls off these serious moments while maintaining an overall cozy tone. I hope more movies are made.

In a guest post Saturday on Jungle Red Writers, Deborah Donnelly shared what it was like to see her book turned into a movie.

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