Tuesday, December 23, 2014

WILLFUL CHILD by Steven Erikson

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In pursuit of smugglers, the starship Willful Child is commandeered by a powerful A.I. to search out its maker. Raised on Star Trek reruns by his grandfather, who made first contact with extraterrestrials, Captain Hadrian Alan Sawback is irreverent, impetuous, and inappropriate. He's also adventurous, open-minded, and clever enough to take on the moody A.I.

I heard about Willful Child on Twitter last month the day it was published. I hadn't read Erikson's other books, but his background as an archaeologist, anthropologist, and Star Trek fan was enough for me to jump aboard. Like Sawback, I was eager to explore the space and time Erikson thought up as the novel unfolded episodically.

Willful Child is a rollicking parody that provokes thought along the way. I hope it catches on with readers and leads to a series.

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