Friday, April 10, 2015

Netflix's Daredevil

© by Gerald So | | 4:30 P.M.

I happened to be mostly free today, so I watched all thirteen episodes more or less back-to-back starting shortly after 3:00 A.M. Eastern. I'm quite the Daredevil fan, so this review may not be very objective or entirely spoiler-free, but I will try. The moment I heard about it, I knew I'd be watching this show, so I avoided any hype or reviews beforehand.

I found the performances excellent across the board, particularly Bob Gunton as the Kingpin's mouthy accountant, Leland Owlsley, and Toby Leonard Moore, as Fisk's scarily loyal right-hand man, James Wesley. On Team Good, Matt, Foggy, Karen, and Ben Urich each followed their own leads to intricate storylines. No one seemed secondary nor did they team up too quickly. In the same way Daniel Craig made me forget anyone else had played James Bond, Charlie Cox and company washed away 2003's choppily cut Daredevil movie. (I thought the director's cut too long by comparison.)

I'm sure Daredevil fans are watching, but if you're looking to be properly introduced to the characters, this is the Daredevil we fans want you to see.

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