Monday, June 15, 2015

James Bond Radio

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James Bond Radio is one of my favorite podcasts, produced every Friday from the U.K. by Tom Sears and Chris Wright.

A few years my junior, Tom and Chris undoubtedly know more about Bond than I ever will. And as big a Bond fan as I am, their enthusiasm has given me new appreciation for the books and movies that weren't my favorites.

Here are my answers to their Quickfire Questions:

Favorite Bond Film?

Licence to Kill. Roger Moore's Bond films had become farce, and though I was expecting Pierce Brosnan to take over in the 80s, Timothy Dalton gave gritty performances needed to bring the character back to his roots. Plus, unlike Moore, Dalton did some of his own stunts. I like to say Dalton was Daniel Craig twenty years early. I like Licence to Kill particularly because Bond goes rogue.

Favorite Bond Book?

From Russia, With Love. It features Bond in his prime and puts his life at more risk than usual.

Favourite Bond Girl?

Tracy di Vicenzo, a.k.a. Mrs. James Bond. You can't do better than Diana Rigg in a Bond movie. Unfortunately, it's also hard to get worse than George Lazenby as Bond.

Favorite James Bond Actor?

Timothy Dalton. Connery is great, but he's enough fans' favorite.

Earliest Memory of Bond?

Watching one of the Moore films—probably Octopussy—on broadcast TV.

Bond location you’d love to visit?


Favorite scene in the series?

The restroom shooting from the pre-credits sequence of Casino Royale.

Most Bondian thing you’ve ever done?

Jumped out of the way of a train, though I bumbled into its path to begin with, which wasn't very Bondian, so I'll say, "Crack one-liners."

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