Friday, September 11, 2015


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Four years ago, I wrote that, with bin Laden's death, the anniversary of the September 11 attacks had a different tone for me.

This past May, I went to NYC for an Ace Atkins signing, bringing along my friends Andrew Carbone and John Ricotta. John works for Condé Nast out of One World Trade, and after the signing, he took us on an informal tour of the building.

It wasn't a dedicated stop by Ground Zero. We didn't pause long by the memorial pools, but it still made Andrew feel as if the attacks had happened days ago, not years. Like many, I'm sure, I have mixed feelings about the site. I wish the attacks had never happened, but the new building also attests to our recovery.

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Graham Powell said...

I went up to New York about three or four years ago and visited Ground Zero. It was moving, but what I really connected with was St. Paul's Chapel around the corner, where George Washington worshipped when he was President. Though it was literally in the shadow of the Twin Towers, it was not damaged, and after 9/11 the rescue and recovery workers slept in the pews between 16-hour shifts.

(I'm sure you know all this already, Gerald.)

Anyway, I found the more intimate atmosphere much easier to connect with than the monumentalism of the Ground Zero memorial.