Saturday, November 21, 2015

Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix

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Compared to to my years of Daredevil fandom before the Netflix series premiered in March, I knew very little about Jessica Jones going into her Netflix show. I tried it because I was impressed with the Daredevil show.

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) works as a P.I. in Hell's Kitchen after a brief, failed superhero career. Her main adversary is The Purple Man (David Tennant), who exudes pheromones that compel people to do what he suggests. Prior to series time, he took Jessica under his wing and forced her to use her super strength to kill. Having found the courage to break away from him, Jessica is desperate to stay away.

The case of Nebraska runaway teen Hope Shlottman (Erin Moriarty) drives the season. When Jessica finds Hope under The Purple Man's control, she drags her back to her parents, telling them to go straight home while she plans to flee to Hong Kong herself. The Schlottmans board the elevator leaving Jessica's office, but as the doors close, Hope draws a gun and kills her parents. She was still under The Purple Man's control though she had appeared not to be. Jessica decides to stay and prove The Purple Man was behind Hope's actions.

The main performances are very watchable. Despite the season-long plot growing outlandish (including Jessica's best friend bedding a gung-ho cop who, albeit under The Purple Man's control, previously tried to kill her), I stayed for all thirteen episodes in one day.

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