Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Danger Mouse (2015)

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I'd been checking Netflix for more than a year since hearing a Danger Mouse reboot was coming. I don't know the exact day it premiered, but I found it this past Saturday morning and have watched most of the episodes.

Alexander Armstrong and Kevin Eldon have the right cadence as DM and Penfold respectively. The sensibility is largely the same and often homages the classic show.

Some characters have been tweaked, most notably Professor Squawkencluck from a German male mole to a Scottish hen, and Baron Greenback to the German von Greenback. Squawkencluck and DM have a markedly more antagonistic relationship with a dash of sexual tension.

Overall, the show succeeds as both an update and a slice of nostalgia. On May 19, CBBC picked up a second season. Welcome back.

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