Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Making Certain It Goes On (after Richard Hugo)

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In 2008, I ran for and was elected president of the Short Mystery Fiction Society. I had an agenda of improving access to Society policy and modernizing our polling method, both of which upset members accustomed to "how things have always been".

Holding office meant often sublimating my feelings in favor of what best served the majority of members and the group's highest purpose: to increase publication and regard for mystery & crime stories.

Having served my presidential term, a vice presidential term (2012–14), and as blog admin 2014–16, I entered the 2016–18 presidential race only because the incumbent wasn't up to a second term due to health concerns. I aimed to ensure continuity and attract new candidates, but my run kept others from feeling the need to run. Recognizing this with one day left in the nomination period, I dropped out.

The president-elect asked to retain me as blog admin, but again I had to decline, to nudge the group away from complacency, because I want it to outlive me.

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Deb Lacy said...

Gerald - Thank you so much for all the time and energy that you have spent promoting the short stories and the authors who write them. The Short Mystery Fiction Society is a great group. Thank you.