Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Robert B. Parker's Slow Burn signing by Ace Atkins at The Mysterious Bookshop

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Through yesterday's persistent drizzle, fellow Spenser fan John Ricotta and I attended the Mysterious Bookshop launch of Ace Atkins's fifth Spenser continuation novel.

The title particularly resonates because, through five books, Atkins has moved carefully but clearly from capturing Parker's characters to updating them. Many of Parker's biggest fans approve because, for my money, Atkins is the most knowledgeable, most respectful fan of all.

Photo by John Ricotta

I knew Ace originally signed a three-book contract that was extended for two books, bringing us to Slow Burn. So, to cap off the Q&A, I asked (slightly anxious) if his contract had been extended again. And indeed it has, for two more books. Breathe.

Along with Slow Burn, I bought Unloaded, a collection of gun-less crime stories, with proceeds benefiting States United to Prevent Gun Violence. I also bought Everyone Pays, a new psychological thriller by my friend and podcasting pioneer Seth Harwood. There's a signing for Unloaded today, and for Everyone Pays Friday. I regret I can't make either one, but you should go.

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I think Ace has done a wonderful job taking up Parker's work. P