Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bull: "The Necklace"

© by Gerald So | G_SO at YAHOO dot COM | 9:15 A.M.

I ought to like Bull, the show Michael Weatherly left NCIS for. It has shades of several shows I've liked, three in particular: House, Shark, and Lie to Me. Weatherly plays psychologist and jury analyst Jason Bull, loosely based on Dr. Phil McGraw. In a nutshell, Bull reads people as uncannily well as House diagnosed medical mysteries. He also manipulates them to achieve his ends, more than a little creepy.

It's as early as can be to react to a series, but I worry that playing the mysterious, commanding role of Bull won't allow Michael Weatherly's spontaneous humor to show, the gift that fueled Anthony DiNozzo for thirteen seasons. If I'm right about that, I'm going to have to find reasons to like Bull besides Weatherly. Time will tell if any emerge.

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