Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NCIS New Orleans: "Aftershocks"

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Now sooner does Pride's team return from forced leave in the aftermath of John Russo's terror plot do they have to deal with a sniper later discovered to be targeting Russo's accomplices.

A good deal of the episode's emotional weight came from Brody's offscreen decision to quit NCIS, which didn't sit well with Pride and the others. Percy especially saw it as Brody retreating when she was needed most. I might have swallowed it better myself if Zoe McLellan had been in any scenes. Most believable would have been a cold, practical, executive decision to drop Brody due to her involvement with Russo. I have to say, like her debut, Brody's departure was somewhat mishandled.

As bad as I feel about that, if the writers felt the show could do better with a change of character, they had to go that route. I'm onboard to see how Vanessa Ferlito's FBI agent Tammy Gregorio develops and how Season 3 unfolds.

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