Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lucifer Finale: "A Devil of My Word"

© by Gerald So | 7:00 AM

Last week FOX canceled Lucifer, which finished its third season last night. I've been a fan of the show all along. Its oddball premise that the Devil leaves hell for Los Angeles to help punish the guilty was really brought to life and made more fun by a cast led by Tom Ellis and Lauren German.

The show fired on all cylinders in Season 2, with Tricia Helfer coming aboard as the celestial being whose union with God gave birth to the angels. Like I said, oddball fun.

In Season 3 Smallville's Tom Welling joined the cast as Lt. Marcus Pierce, who was revealed to be the immortally cursed Cain, the world's first murderer. Cain sought out German's Chloe Decker, hearing she had made the Devil susceptible to death. In last night's finale, Lucifer and Chloe plot against Pierce after his killing defense attorney Charlotte Richards, the physical body also played by Helfer that was inhabited by the goddess.

The series' main twist for three seasons has been that Lucifer always tells the truth about who and what he is, but among the mortal characters, only his psychiatrist Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) believes him. In the finale, Cain resolves to kill Lucifer. Chloe intervenes, and Lucifer shields her with his wings. Flying Chloe to safety, Lucifer kills Cain, but when Chloe returns to the scene, she can finally recognize Lucifer as the Devil.

I hope the series goes on somehow, but if not the final reveal is a good place to end. It drives home without words that everything Lucifer told Chloe is true. I can't be sure what impact the writers intended the reveal to have on the fourth season, but here's how I like to read it: Lucifer has always wanted Chloe to see him for who he really is. Now she finally can. Maybe she's the only one who can see through his glamour by default, and if she can come to accept him in his demonic visage, they can grow closer than they ever been.

Whatever the future holds, my thanks to the entire Lucifer cast and crew. Crime-solving Devil. It makes sense. Don't overthink it.

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