Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mark Wahlberg to play Spenser in Netflix Movie

© by Gerald So | 7:30 PM

My friend and fellow Spenser fan Joe Guglielmelli tweeted asking my opinion on today's news that Mark Wahlberg is set to play Spenser in a Netflix movie adaptation of Ace Atkins' second continuation novel, Robert B. Parker's Wonderland, scripted by Sean O'Keefe and directed by Peter Berg.

I'm happy for Ace, happy to see that anyone wants to make Spenser movies, and will watch this one. Wahlberg isn't my mental image of Spenser, but then Spenser is so suited to print, it's hard to imagine any one actor pleasing everyone. Wonderland was my early favorite Spenser continuation, but evidently the movie departs from the book. Glaringly, it will find Spenser fresh out of prison.

Prison? Spenser? Surely not. Then again, in 1985's A Catskill Eagle, Hawk lands in jail trying to save Susan from her wealthy, villainous lover Russell Costigan. Hawk isn't in Wonderland the book, but since we're already departing, might the movie see Spenser railroaded into prison by a Costigan type?

Too much to hope for? Even if it turns out to be a Man of Steel-like ill-advised attempt to darken our hero, it's just a movie.

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