Sunday, June 16, 2019

Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 3

© by Gerald So | 7:30 AM

The final season of Netflix's final Marvel show picks up in the aftermath of Trish (Rachael Taylor) receiving cat-like powers through surgery and killing Jessica Jones' mother. While this puts them at odds, Jessica meets Erik Gelden (Benjamin Walker), who can sense evil in people, but not what specific evil they've done. Trying to protect Erik, she learns one of his marks is serial killer Gregory Sallinger (Jeremy Bobb).

Season 3 examines Trish's and Jessica's divergent approaches to being a hero. Trish is eager to make a difference as she believes Jessica always has. Jessica, still reluctant, knows the impact of using her powers better than Trish ever learns. This flaw in Trish turns wrong everything she tries to do to set things right.

Episodes alternate between Trish's and Jessica's views of the same events, but this way of filming doesn't bring enough interest on its own. Admittedly, my opinion of the season is influenced by my opinion that Trish and Rachael Taylor are the weakest links in the show's run.

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