Saturday, May 02, 2020


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New York's COVID-19 numbers are down, including a 16-day decline here in Nassau County.

As good as that news is, my family also lost a longtime friend last Friday from COVID-19. Diabetic, she went to the hospital in mid-March with a persistent cough and sore throat. At that time, she was not tested for the virus and sent home. The next day, her symptoms worsened. She went back to the hospital, and at some point in a month-long stay, she tested positive for COVID-19. Going into a coma, she passed.

This is in addition to just before Easter losing one of our parish deacons who lived in a condominium where many of the residents took ill. Being socially distanced, we don't know the exact details of his death, but COVID-19 is feared.

All this brings home that New York may be fairly close to reopening, but every precaution practical is still worth taking. May you and yours be well.

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