Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Readiness was all.

© by Gerald So | 5:00 AM

I received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccination yesterday, the culmination of a week checking for appointments at all hours once New York opened eligibility to my age group.

Anticipating an afternoon line at my nearest Stop & Shop pharmacy, I dressed early, shortsleeve shirt and light windbreaker for easy access to either arm. Catching a ride with my brother, who's been working from home, I arrived five minutes before my appointment. I thought there might be a lot of people getting vaccinated, but there were only two customers ahead of me, neither there for the shot.

On my turn, I had to wait ten minutes as the pharmacist prepared the shot. After, he informed me of all the potential side effects and ways in which the vaccine wouldn't protect me, points well taken. Twelve hours later, I have nothing to report, but in twenty-four and forty-eight, who knows? I have a dental cleaning Thursday morning I hope to keep.

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