Thursday, May 20, 2021

Justice Society World War II

© by Gerald So | 2:00 PM

Speeding to save Superman from a kryptonite bullet, Flash Barry Allen (Matt Bomer) is swept into an alternate World War II and helps an American team of heroes assembled by Col. Steve Trevor, including Wonder Woman (Stana Katic), Flash Jay Garrick, Hawkman, Hourman, and Black Canary.

I bought this movie as a Wonder Woman fan, and this portrayal is clearly patterned after Gal Gadot's, which I also liked. However, I have to say I only enjoyed parts. What might have been a cohesive plot gets sidetracked when a mind-controlled Aquaman captures the heroes, watering down the statement the movie might've made about World War II. Because present-day Flash Barry Allen is viewers' touchstone, the plot follows him back to his rightful place and time, de-emphasizing all that happened on the alternate plane.

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