Saturday, August 21, 2021

Dog Days

© by Gerald So | 6:30 AM

This is my first and possibly only post of summer '21. I haven't been out much, but my mother got to spend a month in Florida. Thank goodness for vaccines. The first season of Superman & Lois wrapped up this week and I pre-ordered the Blu-ray set, which goes on sale October 19. I also recently bought Justified the complete series on DVD for $41. The packaging is terrible, 18 discs on one big spindle, but the show is great, the best representation of Elmore Leonard's books.

Tropical Storm Henri, headed more or less my way. is expected to strengthen to a Cat 1 hurricane and hit tonight or tomorrow morning. I hope it's a little east of me, meaning weaker winds and less impact than Isaias. Keep on keeping on.

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