Thursday, November 03, 2022

I've Finally Seen Top Gun: Maverick

© by Gerald So | 6:30 AM

The original Top Gun premiered when I was twelve, and I watched it endlessly on cable TV, but as I researched aviation for my C.J. Stone stories, I realized the movie was sheer fantasy. I could still enjoy it on that level, the hotshot rulebreaker learning responsibility. That is until Top Gun: Maverick changed our hero's trajectory. Instead of living happily with Charlie as a seasoned instructor, Maverick has bounced from billet to billet, rubbing the brass the wrong way, repeatedly being bailed out of trouble by top brass Iceman.

The sequel would have us believe the U.S. doesn't have the most advanced fighter jets, really because the Navy didn't want the movie to show its best. So Maverick and his team must fly F-18 Super Hornets dangerously close to the ground to destroy the unnamed enemy's uranium enrichment plant. I can't enjoy this because I know the U.S. has the capability to bomb such a target from a safe distance, meaning less risk to personnel and equipment.

But hey, I'm just one guy. Clearly thousands of moviegoers enjoyed themselves to the tune of billions of dollars. Even I bought the movie on 4K disc because it's supposedly reference quality.

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