Thursday, May 16, 2024


Posted 5:30 AM by Gerald So

Recently I noticed Universal's free streaming channels Universal Crime and Universal Action. The former runs COLUMBO, QUINCY M.E., IRONSIDE, KOJAK, BANACEK, MCMILLAN & WIFE, and MCCLOUD. The latter runs THE SIX MILLION-DOLLAR MAN, MAGNUM P.I., and MIAMI VICE.

COLUMBO and QUINCY are favorites, but I haven't warmed to MCMILLAN & WIFE. Sally was a breath of fresh, slice-of-life air. The McMillans would've been even more groundbreaking if they were equals. Instead, Sally often needed Mac to rescue her.

I also dislike that Sally and the McMillans' unseen son were killed off for the final season when Susan Saint James didn't reach terms to renew her contract. Mac romanced other women then because of course he had to move on. Eye-roll.

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