Monday, June 26, 2006

Making Adjustments and a Movie List

I began the month of June writing five pages a day on my novel. I kept this pace for a little over a week before feeling as if I was in the middle of my basement just as a blackout hit. This past week I did a close read of Lee Child's Die Trying to improve my sense of plot. It helped, but while I was reading, I wasn't writing.

So yesterday I started over with a more immediate inciting event, this time going for one page a day. This should keep the intensity of each page up and give me the rest of the day for poetry and reading.

My writing pace may change as the plot solidifies. For now, it's small steps.

Meanwhile, Jon Jordan of Crime Spree Magazine asked for my top ten movies. I've never definitively ranked anything, but here's my list:

Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Empire Strikes Back


Superman II

Grosse Point Blank

Zero Effect

The Big Lebowski


Lethal Weapon

Men In Black

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Graham Powell said...

I sent in my own list, but I can't really disagree with anything on yours. And while it's probably not even in my top 20, I think ZERO EFFECT should get a lot more notice. That was a terrific movie.