Friday, August 15, 2014

Jeremiah Healy

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I saw the news on Twitter that one of my favorite authors, Jeremiah Healy, committed suicide yesterday, aged 66. Relayed from The Rap Sheet, Healy battled chronic depression, which was exacerbated by alcohol.

I've often blogged my appreciation for Healy's John Francis Cuddy P.I. series, including a 2012 overview of the series after my last correspondence with Healy upon the ebook release of some Cuddy novels.

As dramatically satisfying as Jerry's work was, he could explain the premises and core conflicts of his stories better than many writers can. This is the first I've heard of his depression. As one of countless writers Jerry helped, I mourn his loss, am grateful to have called him a friend, and will remember him at his best. Godspeed.

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Mike Newton said...

Extremely sad news indeed. One of the greats, in person and in print.