Friday, February 09, 2024

Let's Remember

© by Gerald So | 11:30 AM

After Special Counsel Robert Hur announced his findings in the investigation into President Biden's mishandling of classified documents—basically that there was not enough evidence of ill intent in Biden's actions, that they could be attributed to normal memory lapses that come with age—Biden held a press conference as a show of strength. Unfortunately I don't think it helped him, as he incidentally confused the names of world leaders.

Politics is not for me. I think the United States should work together as intended. We should help each other with our weaknesses, not tear each other down. For example, if a president is genuinely incapacitated, that's what the vice president is for, to mitigate the country's vulnerability. In this sense, a president's potential infirmity isn't a concern. People make it one, manufacturing a talking point to chip away at a candidate's or president's stature.

I know my vision of togetherness and cooperation is an ideal that happens only when absolutely necessary, but I'll always mantain it would nice if it did more often.

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