Sunday, December 04, 2022

All I Want for Christmas

© by Gerald So | 4:00 AM

About this time last week, my 89-year-old mother, a retired pediatric surgeon, developed shortness of breath, much like she had nine months ago. Unlike then, as the week progressed, she grew more certain she should see a pulmonologist. One she had seen in 1997 was booked through February 2023, so on Thursday she decided to go to the emergency room at St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn. I checked her in and stayed as tests confirmed she had bilateral pneumonia with complicated pleural effusion. She was put on two IV antibiotics and a BPAP machine to help her breathe.

Visiting yesterday, I saw she was off the BPAP. Her ER nurse said she was doing well without it. A cardiologist and pulmonologist had seen her two hours before my visit, saying no surgery was necessary; her heart was good—jibing with her October 26 checkup—and the antibiotics would be sufficient to clear her lungs. She nentioned a nephrologist wanted to discuss an issue and she had given him my older brother's mobile number, but as of last night he hadn't called.

When my brother and I visited last night, she had been moved to a regular room, eaten lunch and dinner, and was relieved to know the root of her ailments.

I'm just glad her instinct was right this time. Relatives from New Jersey will visit her today. Here's hoping she continues to recover and is home for Christmas.

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